Gorgeous Modular Fortress

NewsTimes tells us one of the strongest wind zones in the Northeast is on lower Cape Cod in Massachusetts, where winds during hurricane season typically reach 120 mph. A vacation home now being built by Modular Architecture of Wilton, Connecticut, with a spectacular view of the ocean front will feature impact-resistant glass windows and a marriage wall connecting the modules that resists sideways wind force. Eighteen concrete pillars, each 18 inches square poured with 500 lbs. of reinforced concrete and 12 feet high, set 3.6 feet below grade level will ensure stable footing for the four bedroom, three bath modular home. Unlike conventional homes, the bedrooms will be on the lower floor with the living area and decks on the top floor where, on a clear day, the occupants will be able to see Martha’s Vineyard. MHProNews has learned the home will be completed this summer just in time for hurricane season. Douglas Cutler of Modular Architecture says, “When is comes to strength, beauty and the latest amenities, home buyers and builders will have a super advantage if they call their modular architect first.”

(Photo credit: PRWeb/CTP)

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