Google Search Turns up Modular

google_new_modular_headquarters__google_slash_afp_creditExpanding its base from search engine to broader technological interests, MHProNews has learned from U. S. Modular that Google will use modular construction methods to add 2.5 million square feet onto it’s existing four-million-square-foot campus in Mountain View, California.

The tent-shaped glass and metal structures, created by London’s Heatherwick Studio and Danish architect Bjarke Ingels, will provide accommodations for 10,000 more employees, adding to the 20,000 currently on the firm’s campus.

The modular design will allow rooms to be reconfigured by moving interior walls as space demands change, which fits in with Google’s versatile and fluid corporate culture as it delves into the fields of robotics, automobiles and healthcare. Parks and other green space will be included along with retail to give the area a neighborhood feel. This project is an example of McGraw-Hill’s assessment that modular is the fastest growing segment in new construction. #

(Image credit: Google/ADF–artist’s rendering of Google’s modular addition)


Article submitted by Matthew J. Silver to Daily Business News MHProNews

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