Good Business Develops with the Goodjohns

VancouverSun reports the brothers Goodjohn were at the edge of disaster a couple of years ago with their high-end modular business, and now have ten office employees, 30 on the production line, and sales approaching $20 million. Businessman W. Brett Wilson helped Karoleena, Inc., develop a business plan and invested $250,000 for a ten percent stake. An initial challenge for Kris and Kurt was to dispel the myth about the quality of pre-fabricated building. Another challenge in their hometown of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, just north of Montana, was the city packed with traditional builders, so they took their modular cabins to more remote recreational properties. In rural areas of Canada for site-built construction, workers can be difficult to locate and the weather is not always cooperative, two issues of no concern to modular builders. A modular building can be delivered in a weekend. With the focus on pre-existing designs for single and multifamily homes, cabins, and offices, Kurt Goodjohn says, “ Brett gave us his time and energy, and exposed us to the possibilities of what we could do. Perseverance is the biggest thing. We could have given up at any time, but we believed in what we were doing.” They have hired 14 salespeople in Canada and a few to cover the U.S.

(Photo credit: Karoleena, Inc.)

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