Future of Construction: Ready-Made Has Many Advantages Over Traditional

The modular homes sector has been plagued for decades by negative connotation, but Canadian Steve Vail is on a mission to polish the industry’s image. “Modular does not equal trailers,” stresses the president and general manager of Economy Homes and Cottages in Airdrie, Alberta. “We are attempting to move into the housing mainstream.” With that in mind, Vail has pulled together a local show home parade of modular bungalows and two-story homes. The event, featuring homes manufactured by Grandview, is meant to demonstrate how modular housing has evolved to offer the same quality of specifications, finishings, and appointments that grace dwellings built on site. And because they are constructed in a factory setting — allowing builders to accelerate the production schedule, avoid problems encountered when working outside in the elements, and reduce waste through the use of laser technology — they are competitive with their traditionally built counterparts. Vail is confident that the display — showcasing homes costing $225,000 to $325,000 and featuring such touches as sound systems, kitchen backsplashes, and garages, and two-sided fireplaces — will help make some inroads against negative perception of the industry.

From “Future of Construction: Ready-Made Has Many Advantages Over Traditional” Calgary Herald (Canada) (10/10/09) Hope, Marty

Source: MHI Newswire

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