Friday 13th Senate Companion Bill for HR 1799/MH Avoided

us_senate_seal-posted-daily-business-news-manufactured-housing-mhpronews-Informed sources told MHProNews on Friday that the companion bill to HR 1779 – The Preserving Access to Manufactured Housing Act of 2013 – was about to be filed. A source close to Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn said off the record, “Dr. Coburn has decided to cosponsor the bill with Senator Donnelly.  It will be introduced today (Dec 13th).” Another source revised that expectation, saying the bill would more likely be filed on Monday. “No, the Senate adjourned a bit earlier than planned.  It’s going to drop the first thing Monday!”

The Senate companion bill becomes more important to manufactured housing home owners and industry members, since the CFPB rejected the bipartisan call by 11 U.S. Senators to delay the implementation of Dodd-Frank rules impacting manufactured home lending.

The news brief and a copy of Richard Cordray’s letter declining a delay in support are available as a download on the article linked here, or as an updated download from the article linked below.

MHProNews will naturally track these developments and keep industry members, investors and other interested parties informed. ##

(Editor’s Note: See a red-hot HR 1779 related story at this link.)

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