FEMA units high rise plan for the Big Apple? Could be.

FEMA Tower planComplexCityGuide reports that New York City recently declared a mandatory evacuation for some 370,000 residents in advance of Hurricane Irene. Accommodations for less than 70,000 residents were available. Had a major disaster hit, where would people in the Big Apple go? Back in 2008 the city’s Office of Emergency Management gave this shortcoming some thought and issued a request for proposals soliciting temporary housing solutions. One solution that is readily deployable simply inserts pre-manufactured, stockpiled FEMA travel trailers into mid- and high-rise buildings currently under construction throughout the city. Freedom Tower presents an opportunity in such a scenario. Midway through construction, the building is replete with cranes for hoisting FEMA travel trailers into place, elevators, and utilities. Concept promoters said FEMA travel trailers provide four-season weather protection and comfort. Each unit has individual climate controls as well as spectacular views and abundant fresh air, as quality of life must be a key concern. Residents would remain for as long as it takes to rebuild those areas affected by disaster. The mock up shown is how this might look.

(Graphic credit: FEMA Tower and ComplexCityGuide)

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