FEMA Published National Disaster Housing Task Force Operations Concept Paper -Teleconference Announced

FEMA’s National Disaster Housing Task Force has just published its Concept of Operations (CONOPS), which describes the Federal coordination of disaster housing assistance preparation in response and recovery. A public teleconference will be held on December 15 from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. EST to discuss the paper. Click here to view the Federal Register notice regarding the teleconference.

The CONOPS provides a definitive description of how the range of Federal agencies involved in disaster housing coordinates recovery efforts. It defines the roles, programs, and authorities of Federal agencies, detailing shared responsibilities and emphasizing the cooperative efforts required to provide disaster housing assistance.

The National Disaster Housing Task Force provides full-time, multi-agency focus on disaster housing related issues and seeks to elevate the significance of disaster housing preparedness in all jurisdictions. It is tasked with implementing the National Disaster Housing Strategy, which provides a framework for addressing the housing needs of disaster survivors from sheltering, through interim housing, to permanent housing.

Click here for a copy of the draft CONOPS. Comments on the Proposed Rule are due to FEMA on January 11, 2011. MHI will submit comments on behalf of MHI members.

Please contact Lois Starkey at (703) 558-0654 or lstarkey@mfghome.org by January 5, 2011 with any comments.

Also, please contact Lois ASAP if you would like to participate in the December 15 conference call with FEMA, as space is limited.

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