Factory-built Homes Covered by New Mandatory Warranty

Alberta, Canada’s New Home Buyer Protection Act will offer more consumer protection when the mandatory warranty protection takes effect Feb. 1, 2014. The Canadian Home Builders’ Association-Alberta initially offered coverage on new homes beginning in 1974, and the new act ensures all builders meet the same standards. Modular and manufactured homes are included in the coverage, unless they will be used as purpose-built rentals, social housing, Habitat for Humanity, hotels or motels. According to calgarysun.com, materials and labor are covered for a year, utility systems for two years, defects to the building envelope for five years, and structural defects for ten years. The single-family home limit is $265,000 and $130,000 for a multi-family unit. As MHProNews has learned, homeowners have a responsibility to notify the warranty provider within a reasonable time and take steps to prevent additional damage.

(Photo credit: Champion Homes–new manufactured home being delivered)

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