“Exit Polls show: It is Razor Close: Vote!”

flickrcc-hjl-vote-mhpronews-MHProNews has learned from campaign memos in key battle ground states that the exit polls show the race “razor close.”  One campaign source tells MHProNews that it is “Florida in 2000 close.”  As a reminder, the 2000 presidential election came down to 537 ballots in Florida.  In the NH town of Dixville Notch, where voting traditionally starts after midnight, 10 ballots where cast. 5 for Mitt Romney, 5 for Barack Obama; a tie.  Senate and House races are also close in some states.  What all of the campaigns are saying, we say to you now.  If you haven’t already done so, go and Vote! ##


(Photo credit: FlickrCC/hjl)

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