English Company Expands Modularly

Factory Homes, Ltd (FHL) in Hull, England has received the Q-Mark Certification by BM Trada, one of the toughest standards for construction products, and will begin producing modular homes with a low-carbon footprint to meet the need for affordable housing. Based on automobile manufacturing, the cutting-edge technology focuses on high efficiency and lean manufacturing to produce a cost-effective quality product. ThisIsScunthorpe tells MHProNews.com the first year 350 homes will be built with a goal of 600+ annually in five years, and of eventual anticipated staffing of 400. Factory Homes is part of Scaid Investments, which also owns Willerby Holiday Homes. The largest manufacturer of modular lodges and holiday homes in England, Willerby has factory-based manufacturing experience going back to 1946, and in 2008 received the UK Manufacturer of the Year award. FHL director Graham Kemp says both companies had been seeking to diversify, which makes this a good fit. Factory Homes has received inquiries from Sweden, Switzerland, and Scotland.

(Photo credit: ThisIsScunthorpe/Jerome Ellerby—Director Graham Kemp standing in front of an FHL  home.)

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