Energy Efficiency is Hallmark of Modular Workforce Housing

Workforce housing provider Target Logistics has resource-efficient features at its Dunn County Lodge just north of Dickinson, North Dakota. The modular units have low-flow showers and sinks, the 60 washers and dryers used by the 450 tenants are energy efficient and housekeeping re-dyes old towels and repairs torn sheets. Workers are bused to worksites instead of driving individual vehicles, and the trucks hauling recycled cardboard and trash are fewer since residents compress the waste. Richard Rothaus, hired by Target to do a study, says, “Their goal isn’t to save the environment. Their goal is to provide economical housing, and it just turns out the best way for them to do that is also environmentally responsible.” He adds, “If you really want to minimize your impact on the environment, modular buildings are the way to go because they’re all the same parts,” which means a part that breaks can be replaced. As informs MHProNews, the common areas for Dunn County Lodge were built for 1,000, and land exists to site modular housing for another 400.

(Photo credit: Eric Hylden/prairiebizmagazine–modular workforce housing under construction in a Homark facility)

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