Earthquake-Proof Modular Homes May Be Coming to Haiti

The Montreal Gazette reports Tenta Inc., of Quebec, Canada, has developed a modular home that is earthquake and flood-proof.  Working with a Haitian company, Maurice Monette designed the 400 square-foot unit as a solution for Haiti’s earthquake refugees.  Its high-density foam panels slide into an aluminum frame which allows the modular home to move in case of an earthquake.  The panels are covered with thin steel sheeting for fire protection, and rest on a galvanized steel frame.  The frame is attached to steel rods which are screwed deeply into the earth.  The non-flammable cement board floor sits above the ground, allowing for storage and cooler air underneath, and helps prevent flooding.  The bathroom has a shower and compostable toilet that turns waste into fertilizer.  A water cachement system includes water treated to make it potable.  Solar panels provide electricity for this dwelling.  Monette has plans for a 30,000 person community of modular homes.

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