Does Yard Maintenance Include a Rock Garden? in Florida offers a legal Q & A column.  Questioner lives in a manufactured home community six months of the year, pays for lawn maintenance, but has a rock garden instead of grass.  They have to weed their own rock garden despite paying for lawn care, and have to hire it to be done in their absence.  They feel the association should maintain their garden just like their neighbors’ grass.  The response listed four different Florida statutes that might apply depending upon the community set-up.  It may be a ‘mandatory homeowners association community” (governed by Chapter 720), it could be a cooperative (Chapter 719), it may be a factory-built housing community where the residents rent their homesite (Chapter 723), or a resident-owned community (Chapter 617).  In any case, maintenance is likely covered in the covenants and restrictions, not by the above statutes.  If the guidelines say the association is responsible for yard maintenance, the tenant may have a case.

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