Desireable Land in Fla. May Finally Become MHC

According to the News-Journal, a one thousand acre site in Ormond Beach, Florida, is once again rankling feathers. Turned down ten years ago as an MHC, $150,000 homes were supposed to be built, but none were. The developer has returned asking for an amendment to the agreement with Volusia County, asking to make it an MHC. Original opponents are up in arms that they have to fight again. The county would receive less revenue for taxes as an MHC than if the land were used for site-built homes. No revenue has been received for the ten years it has been vacant, and given the housing market, no other plans are in the wings. Plantation Oaks’ application will be heard by the Planning and Land Development Regulation Commission for a recommendation to the Volusia County Council. The County Council has the final vote on the application, which it can accept, reject, or modify in any way. Civil engineer Parker Mynchenberg’s plan is for mostly 55 and older residents who will have a golf course, club house, fitness trail, and other amenities.
(Graphic credit: News-Journal)

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