Debt Ceiling Deal: Money Talk’s Brinker called it two weeks ago Bob Brinker Money Talk posted,, Money Talk radio show host Bob Brinker called it two weeks ago, saying that the debt ceiling would be raised and that everything else going on in DC was political theatrics. Home Depot and Merck lead stocks lower, with a brief rally caused by news of a debt ceiling deal erased when weak economic and manufacturing reports came in. Yahoo! Finance’s Manufactured Housing Composite bucked the trend, by rising 2.53 to close at 1048.8. Clayton/VMF Parent Berkshire Hathaway rose 750.00 (0.67%) to close at 112250. A report last week indicated that Berkshire’s stock was undervalued. Cavco gained 0.20 (0.47%) closing at 42.76. Champion Enterprises, Deer Valley and Palm Harbor all remained unchanged. Drew Industries lost -1.30 (-6.10%) closing at 20.00. MHC giant Equity Lifestyle Properties slid -0.38 (-0.58%) ending the day at 64.78.  Nobility Homes inched up 0.10 (1.27%) to 8.00. Patrick Industries rose 0.25 (+12.50%) to 2.25. UMH Properties also gained 0.10 (0.94%) to close at 10.78. Skyline gained 1.00 (7.39%) with 14.53 the quote at the bell. UFPI slid -0.50 (-1.71%) to 28.97.

(Bob Brinker photo credit: Money Talk)

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