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We've quoted Sunshine Homes President, John Bostick's memorable saying, “Easy doesn't pay well.” There may be 'easier' ways to market, if you have a big budget than using 'content marketing.' But content marketing has tremendous advantages when it comes to getting organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO). So we have been believers in Content Marketing for …

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White Hat, Black Hat SEO

Print: newspapers, magazines, yellow pages, papers, brochures or mailers.  What do they give you that the Internet can't? Paper cuts?  Ink on your fingers?  With the web and the right analytical tools, a professional can give you accurate statistics that print alone can not deliver.  With that quick backdrop, let's take a look at the …

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Quality vs. Cost

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  There are times that we have done ourselves a dis-service in the manufactured housing arena, by emphasizing the fact that we 'save people money.' I've heard sales people use the words 'its cheaper than conventional site built housing!' in their sales presentation, as I suppressed the need to up-chuck.     “Cheaper” has to …

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