Road Signs and Websites


You are driving along a highway or road. It is a drive you are used to making. You are 'running the path,' you see the signal lights and might pay some attention to the speed limit sign you've past hundreds of times before. The business signage has largely become background to you. What you notice …

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How often do you Shower?


How often do you shower or take a bath?  Daily? Every other day? What ever it is, think of the number… Now, how often do you purposefully read something motivational or inspiring? Daily? Weekly? Monthly? Some people told Zig Ziglar that motivation is time wasted, because it 'wears off.'  Zig's response was classic.  “People often …

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Go To Meeting

I was chatting with a man who had called from West of the Rockies. He was interested in marketing and sales training for his retailing manufactured home communities. With my being based not far from Chicagoland, he asked a natural and common question. "How are you going to do this cost-effectively?" My reply was that …

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