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Earn $43 for each $1 invested? Manufactured Housing, You and Email Marketing


Be it business to business (B2B) or business to consumer (B2C), email marketing is a very important part of staying in touch and generating business. Building an email list takes time, and effort. That translates into costs. But are the costs worth it? Frankly, as the it is a TOTAL no-brainer! The Direct Marketing Association …

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Content Marketing World!


We've quoted Sunshine Homes President, John Bostick's memorable saying, “Easy doesn't pay well.” There may be 'easier' ways to market, if you have a big budget than using 'content marketing.' But content marketing has tremendous advantages when it comes to getting organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO). So we have been believers in Content Marketing for …

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No Guts, no Glory


I recall the first time I heard an industry pro tell me 'no guts, no glory,' back in the early 80s.  In marketing and sales that statement still rings true today. Too many sales people in our industry are going after the low hanging fruit that falls in their laps.  We see credit scores in …

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Profiting from QR Codes


We spend significant time on this blog focusing on the basics, because manufactured housing – as do all other businesses or professions – need the fundamentals for sustained success. But today in the Cutting Edge we will look at the rapid growth of QR Codes. Are you using them? If so, are you getting the …

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Handling Detractors


Detractors, nay-sayers, back-stabbers and others who'd love to toss you under the bus. First, we all have them! It may be the former employee or colleague, who now wants to make you and/or your business look bad. It might be a competitor. It could be the customer no one could possibly please. It may be …

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