Obstacles and Adversity

In business, a professional facing adversity or obstacles has to make a choice. He has to go over, under, around or through the challenge OR be stymied. There is the old truism, winners never quit and quitters never win. This is true in marketing and sales of manufactured, modular and prefab homes. Our opportunities are huge, but so are the obstacles. What to do?

First, let me suggest that to overcome any obstacle or adversity, a few things are needed:

  • One must be willing to face and overcome the challenge. Here is where inspirational quotes can be helpful. "Everything of value is found on the other side of obstacles and adversity. Peak performers know this and make a habit of overcoming them." – Mike Moore.
  • Planning and preparation. Hundreds of millions recently watched the Olympics, where athletes and their coaches prepared for years for events that would be over in just minutes! Athletics and sports ought to teach us and inspire us to be the best at our vocation or business. Owners and executives must think, inspiration and training for peak performance. As part of that in our business, reading is fundamental. Model good reading for your team and encourage it.
  • Execute and adapt. In business, like in sports, you need a game plan. But just as the game plan needs to be adapted, so too you must be prepared to adapt in business too. When it comes to marketing, you must measure results. If the results aren't there or what you think is possible, you have to adapt the message until it resonates with your target audience. All marketing is test marketing. Test, adapt and refine.


Direct and Indirect marketing

Almost all marketing and advertising you see in our factory built homenindustry today is what I would call "direct" marketing. An example of direct marketing is to say, 'Here is this delicious Big Mac, on sale for a limited time, so come and get it! '

That works with people who are open minded to a McDonald's hamburger. McDonald's has a big audience. But I'm afraid that most people never consider the value of indirect marketing.

An example of indirect marketing is the method used for years to recruit of Amway

Distributors. Many of the most successful Amway distributors didn't invite people to 'come and see the Circles!' or to learn how to sell soap and other household goods. Rather, they said some variation of this. 'We have a friend who is in business and is doing well. Why not come over for a cup of coffee, and let's sit down and listen to what he has to say?'

Indirect marketing is potentially the biggest tool we have to grow your business. Why? Because perhaps 80-85% of our potential audience doesn't seriously consider factory built housing as an option. As soon as you say, "manufactured home" that 80-85% that are closed minded may tune out the rest of your message that follows. I've seen gorgeous TV commercials done by respected companies in our industry. What do they attract? 'The mobile home customer.' Why?

Because when we say 'manufactured home,' the words 'mobile home' may pop into the minds of our audience.

That is an obstacle, but behind it lies the big reward. When a client company or location learns how to market and sell both using the direct and indirect methods, you can watch traffic and closing rise dramatically.

We have learned through years or experience that indirect marketing MUST be coupled with solid sales training, or it will frustrate rather than succeed. It requires the commitment of top management as well as the buy in of the sales team that is executing the drill.

One of the most successful manufactured home communities in the country was filled with hundreds of homes using a system that was effectively an indirect marketing approach.

Another location that used both indirect and direct marketing methods went from low single digit results monthly to closings of 20-30 homes a month. Same market, same budget, different approach and results.

There are many ways to successfully market and sell. But the bottom line is whatever methods you chose to use, you have to identify the obstacles and adversities you face. You have to craft a plan that addresses the challenges, using the time, talent and treasure you have available. You have to train, execute and adjust that plan as needed.

Let's close on that Moore quote cited above:

"Everything of value is found on the other side of obstacles and adversity. Peak performers know this and make a habit of overcoming them." ##

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