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On a number of occasions last summer, I took off with my family to local or area getaways.  The iPhone and iPad where with me.  Social networks and the web were a click away. Relaxation, fun and biz were all woven seamlessly.

Before we published the Manufactured Housing Revolution, I sat by the fountains at Old Orchard near Chicago, watched my son playing and did part of the book outdoors.  It took less than 96 hours to pull the book together on the writing and editing sides.  It took about a week to have it printed, 'perfect bound' and ready.

This blog post was drafted while on my exercise bike! The point is that what we can do today was not possible 10 or 20 years ago.

The ways to do Business have mushroomed along with technology.  The ability for even a 'small player' to look,  market and sell like a much bigger operation have grown too. The axiom “Big enough to serve you, small enough to care” ought to mean more today than ever before.

Some of you already embrace all that this post is talking about. Good for you! Pass this article onto those who need it, please.

Some are embarrassed about getting into the new digital age.

Others are intimidated by it, even if they personally surf the web or use all these tech-tools and resources.

Just do it.

If you want or have to swim, then at some point, you get into the water!  If you are in the water, but aren't getting where you want to go, hire someone, take classes or get a coach.

Don't give yourself any excuses.  Done right, the profit potential from the new digital age is extraordinary. Done wrong or not at all, well, you get left behind along with Kodak and those long gone buggy whip makers.

If you market and sell the same old way, you will get those same old results.  By the way, this is not to say that some things from the past are bad. Not at all! You take the best of the past and fuse it with the best of the present.

But if you have a marketing, sales, management system or a website that you think looks old or outdated, you are likely correct.

Always look at things from your prospects or customers point of view.  When you do that, it keeps you fresh and on your toes. When you are in on the same page and in tune, you will close more business.

Trusting you and yours have enjoyed a good Thanksgiving. Be glad you are alive at this amazing time in history. Thanks for stopping in. See you again soon.##

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