Kid’s Bicycles, 3 tips for Selling more Manufactured Homes in 2015

Trying to guess what a child's bike has to do with selling more manufactured and modular homes in 2015? If you're guess is something like falling off the bike, you may be a winner. Let me explain…

tamas-kovach-christmas-bike-olaf-posted-cutting-edge-blog-mhpronews-Our son got a new bike for Christmas. He's almost 8 now, so he's excited! We go out in the street (it's quiet here) and he starts to peddle, turns to hard and takes a tumble. He does that again. Then again. So we enter into the process of dad giving son bike riding lessons. By lesson number 3, no falls on his longest bike ride ever.


I asked my son Tamas (pronounced "Tah Mash," Thomas in Magyar) yesterday, what are you learning?

  • "Face your fears."

  • "Do not turn too sharply."

  • "There is a process and procedures for riding a bike successfully." (No kidding, he said these things, word for word. If you are going to the Louisville Show, you'll meet Tamas and can ask him. Last year, he passed out 700 plus business cards…he's amazing! He'll be a booth #115, right near the main entrance onto the show floor.)



1) Face your Fears

Be it fear or “stuck in a rut,” too many are afraid of change. Yet change is the only way to advance, period.


Do you want that huge, same clunky bag phone from the 1980s? Or the sleek smart phones of today? Changes made that possible.


See what change is doing for Dwayne Somerville's MH sales, please read his guest column, linked here. Dwayne will also be at the Louisville Show, at both of my seminar sessions, linked here.dwayne-somerville-fairfield-homes-land-com-posted-inspirations-blog-mhpronews--150x150


FYI, if this happens to be your first time reading one of these columns, keep in mind that I've worked for years in MH Retailing and MH Communities, driving better results…for more details, click here. What we teach works whenever it's properly applied, period.


2) Do not turn too Sharply


There is a balance in learning. What an experienced bike rider can do, the newbie can't.


So don't expect that trainee to make "a sharp turn" without losing balance and falling over. Every child needs a coach. Don't almost all professionals have coaches, teachers, consultants and instructors too?


With coaching, Patience and Persistence pays. But there is more…




There are processes and procedures for marketing and selling MH successfully


Do you know the KYPs? If you do, are you practicing them?


Do you know SIB-KIS?


Are you feeding the mind routinely in ways that will raise your sales results?




There is more, of course, and we will talk about it at the Louisville Show. Most industry pros can attend free the show free, for those details, see this link here.


Come and See why Dwayne's said what he said, and what his team and his team's experiences are like.


Then you'll understand why so many have shared their kudos on Linkedin, or in letters, videos etc..



Learn Live at Louisville for Free


At the Louisville Show, let me share with you in person over two decades of experiences in marketing and selling more homes in a pleasant and professional way. Manufactured Home Retailers and MH Communities, this works for you both.


Learn how a sinking location can have a profitable rebirth.


Learn how a decent or good location can become even better with good customer relations and a healthier bottom line.


You have the map to the seminars, which were standing room only again last year, so we have added more seating space! There's more besides my seminar insights, see the full seminar line up at the link here.


Make that an important step to growing your sales and bottom line in 2015. FYI…show registrations are up, again!


More on MH marketing and sales, next week… ##



latonykovach-com-brushed-cutting-edge-marketing-sales-blog-mhpronews-com75x75-By L. A. “Tony” Kovach.

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