Criminal charges demanded against bankrupt MH Dealer

A bankrupt Wheeler Rental and Mobile Home Sales have about a dozen customers hopping mad, with some demanding criminal charges. Oklahoma City’s KFOR told MHProNews that Jerry and Lisa White signed a check to Wheeler to purchase a bigger home for the three grandchildren they adopted. “We want to make a good environment for these children only to have the rug pulled from under us by people like this,” said White, a former lawman. Wheeler filed for Chapter 11, but White said, “I believe they had the intent to steal it. If they don’t want to refund our money, we need to do everything we can to see about getting criminal charges filed. I think they have the money to pay us.” Meanwhile, some ‘do good’ manufactured home industry professionals are seeking to mitigate the losses of alleged victims, by helping them get what they paid for, even though those pros won’t profit from the effort. MHProNews plans to track this Sooner state story. ##

(Image credit: KFOR News)

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