County to Strike Balance between MH and Historical Districts

From Gatesville, in the northeastern corner of North Carolina, MHProNews has learned the town is struggling to find a balance between protecting the integrity of existing residential areas and the rights of those who can only afford manufactured homes to live where they want. An Aug. county commission proposal to allow manufactured homes in R-1 residential districts with special use permits has been shelved following a Gates County Planning Board’s plea that the proposal would reduce property values. roanoke-chowannewsherald says Planning Board Director Morgan Jethro suggests historical districts and community core areas that would not allow manufactured homes, but to designate other R-1 areas that would require a special use permit for MH. County Commission Vice Chairman Henry Jordan said, “I understand the discussion about property values, but at the same time I want to make sure that you’re still considering allowing manufactured homes by special use permit in other R-1 areas.” Jordan motioned for the Planning Board to bring a recommendation to the Jan. 2013 meeting that would delineate commercial and residential plans for the entire county. The motion was seconded.

(Image credit: Mississippi Manufactured Housing Association)

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