County purchasing manufactured homes for employees

Scott Busching Williams County Sheriff WillistonHeraldWillistonDailyHerald reports that Williams County Commissioners (ND) have unanimously approved the purchase of four manufactured homes for use as housing for county employees.  Williams County Sheriff Scott Busching explained ongoing efforts to secure housing for county employees during the meeting.  “We’ve so far purchased four mobile homes in Cimarron Heights,” Busching said, who has served on a housing committee to allow the county to help maintain current employees and hire new ones.  Two of the homes cost $75,000, one cost $72,000 and the fourth totaled $69,000. “Two to three years ago I’d say government shouldn’t ever be allowed to get into housing,” Busching said. “These are exceptional times that call for exceptional measures.” Busching said the homes are not free, that employees will pay rent based on their salaries. Busching said spending on the homes is not an investment in housing but “an investment in staff.”

(Photo credit of Scott Busching: WillistonHerald)

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