County May Seize MH for BackTaxes

The DailyTimes in Farmington, New Mexico tells the owners of 2,650 of the 12,000 manufactured homes in San Juan County in northwestern New Mexico have yet to pay their county 2011 property taxes, totaling almost $400,000. Failure to pay 2010 taxes has resulted in MH owners owing $72,000 in taxes and fees. Five MH owners who owe taxes going back to 2004 will be told they have one week to pay or they will be locked out of their homes which will then be sold at auction. County Treasurer Rocky Wasson announced new policies during the recent county commission meeting which include two warnings that taxes are due. If the second warning is ignored, the county will offer one more week before the property is seized for auction. 8,000 county property owners still owe 2011 county taxes, including manufactured homes. However, the new policy only affects MH because there is a different policy that covers businesses and traditional homes.

(Image credit: Santa Fe, NM—Mfg.HomeSource)

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