Countrywide Financial’s Former CEO Mozilo Walks

After two years of investigation, The New York Times reports the criminal charges against Angelo R. Mozilo, former CEO of Countrywide Financial, the one-time largest mortgage lender in the U.S., have been dropped by federal prosecutors. The Securities and Exchange Commission settled their suit against him last fall for $67.5 million, $45 million of which has been paid. He allegedly dumped $140 million in his company’s stock, and in emails referred to certain loans as “poison” and “toxic” while continuing to sell them, all while he knew the company was declining. He and most other high-level executives of financial houses thought responsible for the financial housing crisis of 2008, have not been held accountable, despite the foreclosure on millions of homes and the loss of billions of dollars by investors. However, many private lawsuits are being brought against mortgage lenders and some Wall Street backers by investors who charge they were sold paper of knowingly questionable value.

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