Council votes to house EMS in Manufactured Home

The Bertram City, TX council voted to house their EMS unit in a manufactured home, rather than spend more time and money building a conventional structure. Bertram, about 45 miles from the state capitol of Austin, decided on August 20th 4 to 1 in favor of the measure, budgeting $35,000 for the project. The dailytrib tells MHProNews that “Until recently, Burnet EMS has stationed two employees on 24-hour shifts in Bertram. However, the dilapidated structure was abandoned for safety and health concerns. Burnet EMS has only stationed crews for 12-hour shifts in the city with no overnight service.” The measure was not without controversy, as the lone opposing vote by Council member Cynthia Anderson, who said “I personally don’t want to see us in a trailer house,” she said. “I’d just as soon spend the rest of the money to get a permanent building and be done with it.” Other Bertram Council members said purchasing the manufactured home would mean only weeks to have full EMS service versus months and higher costs with new conventional construction. Obviously Anderson needs to spend some time on and ought to be taken to one of the Texas based manufacturing centers for modern HUD Code manufactured homes, some of which are only a short drive from her city. As MHProNews readers know, Texas is the number 1 state in the U.S. for manufactured home sales and shipments. ##

(Image credit: HillCountryPortal)

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