Conversion from Septic to Sewer Results in Problems

The Prescott Daily Courier states the report of a Chino Valley contractor noted faulty drainage hook-ups in a recent conversion of septic tanks to sewer lines in Chino Meadows 2 manufactured home community. Of 171 homesites inspected, eleven needed extensive repair due to sewage back-up and sagging drain lines, 105 homes needed minor repairs, 55 were up to code, and 170 did not require inspection. Inspector Jose Granillo says he was unable to reach the owners of 57 homes. The Arizona town’s public works director and engineer Ron Grittman says Fann Contracting built the sewer for the community as part of a $15.4 million government-sponsored project, and hired subcontractors to do the hook-ups on private property. Town manager Michael Scannell had received a letter last October from Chino Meadows property owner and landlord Paul Combes, which prompted the investigation. In response to the report, Combes says, “ With that many mistakes, I would question the integrity of the lines that you can’t see, that are underground. I am talking about the whole (Chino Meadows) project. We have lost credibility in this inspection.”

(photo credit: Chino Meadows)

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