Congress Resumes Business Next Week, MHI Prepared to Push Industry Issues Forward

After a month long Summer Recess, a four-week session of Congress opens next Tuesday, September 14th. With the economy and jobs continuing to make headlines, and with many vulnerable Congressional Democrats feeling pressure at home in an election year, several initiatives related to economic and fiscal policies are expected to be at the forefront, including, tax relief and jobs. Specifically among the possibilities MHI sees being debated are a tax extenders package, a proposal to increase small business lending, and the appropriations bills where it appears that Congress will likely enact continuing resolutions to fund the government at 2010 budget levels for the time being.

With elections less than two months away, it will be difficult for any major agenda items to pass. MHI will be focused on getting two of MHI’s top priorities, the extension of 45L (the Energy Star tax extenders), and the pre-1976 replacement home legislation, both which will help stimulate the industry and economy, as well as providing much needed jobs, passed in the Senate.

If you are a member with questions, please contact Jason Boehlert at or Rae Ann Bevington at

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