Community Water Problems Flowing

DelMarVa report from north of Millsboro Del. owner Helen Cropper has been unable to repair the drinking water problem at Forest Park MHC, and will now have to raise rents to pay for the fix. In he past ten years the water has had an unacceptable level of nitrates 95 out of 114 times it has been tested. An excess of nitrates can get into the bloodstream and reduce the amount of oxygen to vital organs and the brain. A complaint has been filed with the state attorney general’s office, as the two fines and numerous warnings have not had the desired effect. Mrs Cropper says she has had recent health problems, and it is very expensive to install a new well-pumping station. Two $1,000 fines have been levied—one has been paid, the one filed in late 2011 has not been paid. Mrs. Cropper said her husband, who died in 2003, took care of the community and she’s still trying to learn about it. The sites, located in southern Del., rent for $320/mth.

(Photo credit: Wikipedia–Drilling for water.)

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