Community ruled ‘uninhabitable’ by officials, residents ordered out

Spruces MHC ruled 'uninhabitable by WIlliamstone 8.29.2011 iberkshires creditiBerkshires reports that every home in the Spruces Mobile Home Park in Williamstown, Massachusetts was ruled uninhabitable by the building inspector and nearly over 270 residents need alternative housing. Town Manager and Emergency Management Director Peter Fohlin said the Hoosic River overflow during heavy rains from tropical storm Irene yielded wet electrical systems, flooded homes and spilled petroleum products threatening the resident safety. “Each of the [226] residences will need to be individually inspected,” Fohlin said. “All of the [226] homes are conditionally uninhabitable.” Residents were being escorted into their homes to gather any pets, medications, valuables and clothing. Kim Purcelli, the community manager, said she is advising residents to take a week’s worth of clothing due to uncertainty about the location’s reopening. “We have to do what we have to do for the residents,” Purcelli said. “We are all in this together.” A total of 273 people live at the Spruces.  At least 20 people that town officials know of have nowhere else to go.  On Monday, Officials met Monday with community’s owners and a representative from the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency.  “The is no projected re-occupancy date,” Fohlin said. “The shelter can’t stay open because of school. There is a real dilemma.”

(Photo credit: iBerkshires)

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