Clean Energy Advocate Program teams up with CA mod/prefab builder

HybridCoreHomes posted on Daily Business has learned that The City of Santa Rosa established a Clean Energy Advocate (CEA) pilot program within the City and Sonoma County that assists homeowners in utilizing renewable energy, energy efficiency, and water-use efficiency when upgrading their homes.  Clean Energy Advocate Julie Carlton stated, “We have found that people better understand green and sustainable practices when they actually see them, so we decided to establish our first annual Green Homes Tour. In our quest to provide “best practice” examples, we contacted hybridCore Homes because we heard they had just built a home in our City that had many green and sustainable features.” “Once we reviewed their home, we were astonished at the innumerable measures that were incorporated in the hybridCore Home,” Carlton said.“The growing awareness of global climate change is increasing the desire for consumers and industry to find ways to reduce their carbon footprints” stated Shaun Faber, a Co-founder and General Managing Partner of California based hybridCore Homes. Contained in the Core are the more costly areas associated with homebuilding, including the “wet” areas, such as the kitchen, bathrooms and laundry area, including kitchen appliances, fixtures, cabinets and countertops relating to these areas. After the Core is placed on the homesite foundation, carpenters build the rest of the home around it, adding bedrooms, living rooms, the roof, shingles and gutters. “We call these the dry areas of the home” said Faber. “These are the easiest and most cost effective parts of the home to build on site” Faber stated.

(Photo credit: HCH)

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