City Turns Back Modular Housing Bid

As follow-up to a story we posted March 16, 2012, a developer, Dan Coen, had proposed two modular housing developments comprised of 31 four and eight-person living quarters to house oil and gas workers in the energy boom now hitting the Carrollton County, Ohio area. Land that leased for $5 an acre five years ago is now going for almost $6,000 an acre, and county officials estimate 75-95 percent of the whole county is under lease to one of the dozen companies drilling. CommunityPress tells rental housing prices have tripled, created by demand for living quarters. City hall turned down Coen’s request for the modular units, even though Coen said he would convert the units to single-family homes once the project ends. He is now looking at renting homes in MHCs to the workers.

(Photo credit: Simcoe)

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