City seeks balance on Rent control issue?

lakeport-1-ca-image-google-maps-posted-manufactured-home-professional-daily-business-news-mhpronews-com-The Lakeport, CA City Council voted to wait for a report from an agency before proceeding on a proposed rent control initiative that has enough petitioners to achieve ballot status. Save our Seniors (SOS) members derided the decision. SOS leader, Nelson Strasser. said: “When the park owners have to bring in a senior Sacramento lobbyist to defend their case against a pensioner in the council meeting, it has to be pretty weak.” The RecordBee told MHProNews that SOS Chairman Bill Eaton pointed to an alleged internal document from one community owner who stated his intention was to raise the rents as much and as often possible, “because residents were mostly ignorant and could do nothing about it.” Local community owners have brought in Doug Johnson, a Sacramento lobbyist, to lead the opposition to the measure. As most MHProNews readers know, advocates for rent control often don’t realize such measures tend to harm affordable housing options, limiting over time the very quality of life community residents seek and want to protect. Land-lease community owners typically know they must balance the interests of residents with rising costs, regulatory impacts and the natural desire for a reasonable return on their investment. The council’s move to consider MHC owners rights thus make sense. Lakeport is about a 126 mile drive from Sacramento, a desirable locale. ##

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