City Hopes to Upgrade Older Manufactured Home Communities

The 15 manufactured housing communities (MHC) in Callaway, Florida near Panama City range from modern developments with newer homes and paved streets to older flat-roofed factory-built homes sited on rough roads with no paved parking. A 1998 ordinance regulates new MH developments, but now a city commissioner wants pre-ordinance communities to be upgraded. The owner of Sappy Lane Mobile Home Park says he will not support the city’s effort to do that. “To go in after the fact and change the rules is just wrong,” says owner Gene Walters, according to Callaway Director of Planning Michael Fuller says there must be a fair way to improve what exists now. Most of the 11 homes at Sappy Lane have skirts, some have tongues attached, and potholes lace the road, as MHProNews has learned. Walters says he rents to working families and keeps the community safe, in the interest of Callaway. The issue will be on next month’s agenda, says Fuller.

(Photo credit: Heather Leiphart/thenewsherald–Sappy Lane Mobile Home Park, Callaway, Florida)

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