City Council Repeals Rules Governing MH

Following-up on a story we published Aug. 7, 2012 regarding measures passed by the Marion, North Carolina City Council July 17 to regulate placement and structural standards of new manufactured housing, mcdowellnews reports the council voted unanimously to repeal the new rules. Local real estate agent Mark Shuman pointed out the new rules were contrary to federal and state law because they restrict siting of new and pre-HUD Code manufactured housing. Additionally, the requirements to make their roofs and foundations blend in with site-built homes infringes on property rights, and puts an economic hardship on people of modest means. The proposed regulations did not apply to manufactured housing in communities, to modular homes or existing homes. Shuman suggested in the future the planning board and the city council need to research their proposals better. MHProNews has learned Mayor Steve Little said he will appoint a committee to focus on different rules, suggesting it meets with manufactured home dealers, real estate agents and landlords.

(Photo credit: gfhomesandland)

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