Census Bureau Notes States with Highest, Lowest, Home Vacancies

CNNMoney reports the housing market vacancy rate for the U.S. stands at 11.4 percent, according to Census Bureau records.  Vacancies include abandoned homes, which contribute to lowering sale prices, but Census Bureau statistics include any home not occupied, which would count vacation homes and ski lodges that real estate statisticians would not include.  The Bureau also includes homes sold but not occupied, as well as unoccupied migrant workers’ homes.  Maine had the highest vacancy percentage at 22.8 percent, but when considering that more than two-thirds of those are vacation homes, their actual vacancy rate is 7 percent for 2009, very close to Connecticut’s 7.9 percent, the lowest of all states.  Even after deducting second homes, Florida, Nevada and Arizona had the highest vacancy rates, all between 10 and 11.4 percent.  The other states with the lowest vacancy rates are Washington, Illinois, Virginia, Iowa and California, all at 9.2 percent or lower.

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