Carson City Attorney’s Mission to Stop MH leads to Mission work for LDS


carson-connected=credit-posted-daily-business-news-mhpronews-com-City Attorney William Wynder from Carson City, California has stepped down after 35 years. Along with his wife, they plan to do mission work next. Wynder said: “It has been way harder to leave than I thought it was going to be, I have loved working in this city. I didn’t always agree with you and you didn’t always agree with me. And you let me know it. … This is an amazing community. You folks have very complicated, very interesting legal issues.”

Long Beach Press Telegram  tells MHProNews  the manufactured home community (MHC)/rent control issue became a huge fight for Carson in 2006. The owner of two of the town’s largest ‘mobile home parks’ – more properly known as land lease communities – tried to sidestep a city rent-control law. The alleged goal was a dramatic hike in rates to their home owners.

MHC residents fought back. They won support from City Council, who as Sheila Dey, Executive Director of the, quipped tounge-in-cheek in reference to local elected officials I support property rights, but not in mobilehome parks.” Or, “I am opposed to rent control, but I support it in mobilehome parks.”

The council members allowed Wynder to spend tax dollars fighting MHC owner, James Goldstein, in about 20 lawsuits and damage claims rather than giving in to his demands.

Succeeding Wynder will be his longtime assistant Sunny Soltani. Soltani said: “Bill Wynder is the statewide expert in mobile home park conversion law he has successfully defended the city from major lawsuits by (Goldstein) seeking a total of over $112 million in damages against the city’s rent-control ordinance.”

What the Press Telegram writer and others favoring rent control fail to realize is the negative long term impact of rent control on affordable housing. For a Canadian perspective (which video uses poor terminology too) on the true impact of rent control see video above.##

Rent control related post, linked here.

(Photo Credit: Carson-Connected)

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