Canadian Town Council Reaffirms MH Land Use

The Vermilion Standard reports the Vermilion Town Council in east-central Alberta, Canada, has voted to retain the 14 residential lots along 44 Avenue for manufactured housing, instead of changing it to R2 single family residential. The proposal to change the zoning came after several years lack of interest in developing the lots for manufactured housing. Councilor Clint McCullough said the water table is too high for homes to have basements, but it could still used used for R2 residential. Councilor Richard Yaceyko disagreed: “The intent was for this area to be an option for lower income families. If we change this zoning then we will just need to find another area.” Mayor Bruce Marriott concurred. “It is important to maintain land for what we intended it for. It was a plan for the future and we need to give it time.” (Image credit Wikimedia Commons)

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