Canadian Park Model Builder Cries “Foul”

An ongoing dispute between the British Columbia Safety Authority (BCSA) in Canada and modular home builder Riske Creek Manufacturing and its owner Andy Tower has resulted in a recall of the company’s homes by the BCSA, which alleges the park model homes do not comply with gas and electrical certification standards and may be hazardous to occupants’ health. Tower says his homes do not fit into any particular British Columbia (BC) building code, and instead fall into a grey area between recreational vehicles and homes, alleging his homes are built beyond the demands of the Park Model codes. While says the BCSA did not respond to questions prior to this article, one BCSA safety manager said the uncertified installation of gas appliance could pose a fire and carbon monoxide risk. Tower alleges over the past two years BCSA has slandered his reputation, threatened him and cost him hundreds of thousands of dollars, MHProNews has learned. “I ask for direction on what to do, how to do it and so on and they choose not to respond to me. And the latest development has been this recall,” notes Tower. “I have an issue with their business practices. I have brought this up numerous times and they choose to ignore how their inspectors deal with people in the field.” He adds while his reluctance to deal with inspectors has compounded his problem, he has done a number of the corrections already.

(Photo credit:–Riske Creek’s Park Model home)

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