Canadian MHC to Close

UpdatedNews reports from Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada residents of Garden Village MHC have been told their community will be closed and the land will be redeveloped. The owners have offered each homeowner $11,000, twice what the government requires, but some of the more recent arrivals say they have spent upwards of $50,000 to move in and renovate their homes. Nearly half of the residents in this retirement community of 100 home sites have taken the offer and some of the homes have already been leveled. Manager Paul Hague says the infrastructure is failing and the owner would prefer to sell or redevelop the property than do the repairs. “It’s just time. If the water main blows or the electrical shuts down again, we’re just not putting the money back into it,” says Hague. has learned the property is in a commercial area, and many of the homes are too old to be moved.

(Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons)

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