Buffett Buys, Dow Rise – manufactured housing mixed


CNNMoney reports that Warren Buffett and other ‘insiders’ are buying, as the markets rise 500 points today.  While S&P has not (yet) downgraded France, the markets overseas have.  Gold is up, while Treasury prices sink.  Manufactured Housing Composite value moved down -2.81% to close at 1019.3. Affiliated Managers Group (AMG) closed at $ 86.69, up +4.72 +5.76% – but moved lower in after hours trading. Berkshire Hathaway, parent of Clayton/VMF and other industry producers, lender and suppliers closed at 107100.00 +4650.00‎ (4.54%‎). Cavco also moved up, closing at 32.65 +1.66‎ (5.36%‎). Champion Enterprises and Deer Valley remained unchanged.  Drew Industries closed at 19.68 +0.93‎ (4.96%‎). ELS 62.14 +3.55‎ (6.06%‎). Nobility Homes was down 7.69 -0.45‎ (-5.53%‎). Palm Harbor Homes inched lower 0.0125 -0.001. Third Avenue Value Fund was down 44.75 -2.03 (-4.34%). UMH rose 9.47 +0.35‎ (3.84%‎). Skyline 10.45 +0.89‎ (9.31%‎) UFPI 26.54 +1.44‎ (5.74%‎).

(graphic credit: RealTick)

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