Banks Swimming in Cash, Few Borrowers Getting a Drink report that while deposits increased at three of the four largest banks, loan balances dropped in what the banks called recovery from the housing crisis.  Loans declined seven percent over the last year, while deposits at the four largest increased five percent.  Citibank’s (NYSE:C) loans are down 13 percent over last year.  Average deposits at the four rose by $154 billion over a year ago, with Bank of America (NYSE:BAC) hitting the one trillion mark for the first time.  JP Morgan’s (NYSE:JPM) deposits were $996 billion.  The result is banks now have $1.06 for every dollar loaned out.  They did acquire heavy baggage to be sure.  Bank of America picked up Countrywide, JP Morgan is dealing with the remains of Washington Mutual, and Wells Fargo (NYSE:WFC) acquired Wachovia.  Wells Fargo CFO, Tim Sloan, said, “Deposit growth gives us a chance to bring in new customers and cross-sell our products.”

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