Assessment on MH Unbalanced, says Resident

In a letter to MPNnow, a resident of Gypsum Mills Estates in Victor, New York just south of Rochester states the 520 senior homeowners in the MHC are being unduly taxed by the town assessor. Stephen G. Poyzer says property assessments have increased an average of 24 percent. Noting that manufactured housing depreciates at a rate similar to an automobile, he says individual assessments rose $5,000 to almost $40,000 the past two years. MHProNews has learned a letter from the assessor says the 2011 tax rate was 100%, and this year’s will be 100% after the increase. Writes Poyzer: “It does not take a mathematics genius to see that an average 24 percent increase added to a 100 percent assessment does not equal 100 percent but 124 percent on properties that lose value every year.” Noting manufactured housing owners pay sales tax at time of purchase and personal property tax, he says the government is trying to extract real property tax from MH owners’ personal property, and that amounts to double taxation.

(Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons–Old Two Pan Balance Scale)

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