Another Maryland County Stems the Sprinkler Flow

In a story just previous to this one, we reported the city of Cumberland, Maryland in Allegany county in the northwest corner of the state opted out of the state mandated sprinkler system law. In Salisbury, Maryland, Wicomico County officials at the southeastern end of the state also agreed the sprinkler should be optional by a 6-1 vote, with the naysayers proclaiming it is the homeowner’s decision. New modular homes are already required to have sprinklers, so the law only applies to stick-built. As mdcoastdispatch tells MHProNews, modular builder Brian Adkins of Atlantic Bay Homes urged the officials to not opt out because it gives traditional builders an unfair advantage. He said, “We’re not any different than stick-built homes. We’re not going to catch fire any faster and we’re not going to burn down any faster. It’s unfair to single us out.” Joan Strang, representing the Coastal Association of Realtors, noting tough times in the real estate market, said, “I understand where the modular builders are coming from, but if we don’t opt out, we’re going to see a lot of builders out of business.”

(Photo credit: Atlantic Bay Homes)

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