Affordable Modular Housing on Tap for New Zealand

Pure Advantage, a nonprofit organization in New Zealand, intends to build hundreds of modular homes to meet the housing crunch brought on by the Feb. 2011 earthquake that devastated Christchurch and killed 185 people, as last covered Dec. 30, 2013. Set up three years ago to promote a greener technology in the country, CEO Duncan Stewart says, “Our intention is to deliver an at-scale pilot development of 300 to 500 homes to prove the business model and kick start the off-site manufacture industry,” noting its willingness to also help finance the project. While some question whether New Zealanders will take to prefabricated homes, reports Real Estate Institute regional director Tony McPherson says the technology for modular homes has improved considerably in recent years. Christchurch City Councillor Glenn Livingstone, noting the housing shortage, says, “Any option for affordable housing – which is an urgent need – needs to be seriously looked at.”

(Image credit:–Torossi and Rosevear)

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