A Year later: IBISWorld, Manufactured Housing and Print News.

Over a year has gone by since IBISWorld (infamously) predicted the demise of Manufactured Housing (specifically MH retailers) along with nine other industries, including print newspapers. The recent announcement that Advance Publications will cut 600 jobs among four newspapers underscores the valid concerns abut the weakening potential future for pring in media, while internet media continues to grow stronger. Poynter tells MHProNews that other big print news layoffs have happened in the last 12 months:

>Feb. 9, 2012—Gannett offers buyouts for up to 665 newspaper workers;
>Nov. 21, 2011—Booth Newspapers announced 543 layoffs (though they were eligible to re-apply for about 200 new jobs with MLive Media Group);
>June 21, 2011—Gannett lays off about 700 workers from its newspaper division.


Meanwhile, manufactured housing has been riding a wave of rising new home sales. The bottom line: IBISWorld and any other doubters should not count manufactured housing as among print news and the other down and out industries.

(Image credit: IBISWorld)

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