A New Offering from the MOD(ern) Squad

Slovenian architectural studio Coodo has designed a series of modules that can be coupled horizontally or vertically to provide large household space, or used separately for a playroom or guest house. The thick polyester panels stretched over a galvanized steel frame provide thermal insulation. Two modules can comprise a two bedroom home suitable for a family of four with 355 square feet, while the 301 square-foot unit can feel spacious for a couple. A single module can be outfitted to be used as as outdoor kitchen or exercise room, a lounge or exhibition space. Gizmag says the curved rectangular structures offer multiple combinations for small living. Panel walls can enclose the modular structures, and also provide moveable indoor spacing. MHProNews has learned the modular units range in size from 97 to 301 square feet.

(Image credit: Gizmag/Bridget Borgobello)

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