A New Meaning for ‘Straw House’

The Star-Telegram reports from Fort Worth, Texas Stramit USA utilizes wheat straw to make modular man camps for the burgeoning oil boom towns. By treating and compressing the wheat fiber, boards are made for construction and insulation. Tim Evans of Stramit compares it to fiberglass and foam. “Wheat straw and rye straw are abundant, especially in Texas, which has over 100 million acres of wheat planted every year. We use the part of the harvest that nobody wants,” Evans said. The product is called compressed agricultural fibre (CAF), and as MHProNews has learned, it is so tightly pressurized there is no oxygen inside it, which makes it fire resistant. Evans says he is garnering interest for the 12 by 24 foot modular two-man houses especially around Seguin, TX, near San Antonio. Although the final cost of the product is comparable to using standard materials, Evans says, “It is a socially responsible way of building. My partners are ranchers. They are not tree huggers. Nor am I a tree hugger. But we agree that good stewardship of the land and resources of this planet just makes sense. So without altering lifestyle, you can still use good common sense practices.”

(Photo credit: Roy T. Ennis/Star-Telegam–Straw mod on display in Fort Worth)

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