A $200,000 Hurricane-Proof House?

Credit: Cubbico.

According to Dutch modular housing company Cubicco, not only are these hurricane-proof homes possible, they are popular.

And they’re starting to pop up in Florida.

According to Business Insider, Cubicco houses – which are made of laminated wood and cork – start at $200,000 and can be built in only a few months.

With its modular design, the homes can be disassembled and moved around or even combined to form larger homes.

We are not affordable housing,” said Cubicco designer Marcio Gomes da Cruz. “We’re a higher-end product that can be achieved for relatively decent price per square foot.

Credit: Cubbico.

The prefab homes have been designed to combat winds of up to 185 mph, which meets Florida hurricane codes. The homes also have impact-resistant glass and can be elevated off the ground with the use of stilts.

While the company has built a few of the houses in Florida and is also working on a development in the Caribbean, Cubicco is no longer selling homes to individuals. It’s now focusing on large-scale developments.

Daily Business News writer Matthew Silver covered Cubicco in a story here. ##

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